Friendships- new and rekindled

Babies bring lots of changes to your life… and not always good ones. People will be quick to talk about the sleepless nights, endless crying, carrying loads of stuff about, becoming boring etc etc etc. But becoming a mum has brought a lot of new and unexpected things into my life, including new pals!

I’ve never been one to make friends very easily, although i’m very sociable, and find it easy to talk to strangers, I’m quite choosy about who I spend my time with. So I wasn’t really surprised when I went to the antenatal classes run by my practice and I didn’t really “click” with anyone.

All this changed after we had our babies though, because now we had a common ground! And I’ve been privileged to get to know a group of strong, supportive women who have been there for me from tears to mega lolz. I never thought I’d find talking about poo so entertaining.

Today, at a belated first birthday, I marvelled at how well we first time mums have done in raising our little people- now with real personalities and strengths of their own! One of us is even expecting again (not me) and she is so just in that perfect place for it- her little daughter is an angel, and she is such a relaxed and capable mum. I, on the other hand, am still highly strung and disorganised! I doubt that will ever change…

I’ve also had some rekindled friendships which I’ve really come to value. I actually often kick myself that I didn’t make more of an effort before we had the babies. Some have been from teacher training, and some from school.

Facebook friends have also been great, particularly Anne, who I didn’t really know well, but her baby knowledge and lip butter advice has been invaluable!

There’s two other friendships that I have neglected here but will write about another time, probably with their permission!

Sorry this is so rambly, just wanted a wee write tonight.