New stuff I’m loving!

I’ve been quiet for quite a long time- I’ve recently gone back to work after having my baby and had to cope with a bit of the dark monster… But things are looking up, the clouds are lifting and I’ve been picking up beauty bargains here and there… And found a few good ones!
First up is a little section for super dry, dry skin. I’ve had a touch of the cold, and my skin had responded by becoming parched, flaky and sore. It’s been very irritated and extra sensitive, so I went for a tube of Eucerin‘s Aquaphor soothing skin balm. This had quickly become one of my most relied-upon products, to the point where I actually panic if I cannot see it. It’s very thick, but with a very fine and easily absorbed texture. My skin had been sooking this up. The other good news is that it is so gentle it can be used on babies; it had been great on my skin at a time when every other product seems to sting like mad. It comes in quite a dinky tube, so I can imagine using it as a lip balm once my skin calls down.


Next is my Garnier Rose cream wash and cleansing lotion. I needed a foaming wash that would cleanse dirty away but not sting. I had been using superdrug’s own pure range facial wash for sensitive skin which served me well when my very sore but I didn’t feel it was cleaning the dirty away, and I was starting to get spotty. I got this on offer in superdrug and I really, really sincerely hope that this is not being discontinued.because both products are excellent for sore skin; really comforting and with a lovely, very light rose scent which is not too scary for irritated faces. I use the wash in the morning and the cleanser with my hot cloth in the evening and both have been great. I can see them becoming staples.


I recently had an accident with a pair of malfunctioning straighteners which resulted in a really damaged section of my hair. Dove damage solutions intensive repair conditioner has really helped put the life back into my hair. I’ve been really impressed with the results I have got from it, and it was only about £4.


I’ll leave it there for now; I have a make up post to do later in the week 🙂 x


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