Beauty on a budget

Times are tight for all of us-especially poor old me, as I have actual no money until December when I start back at work! Still, I like to think if this time not as a time of deprivation and looking ungroomed- instead, I’ve been nifty thrifty and I’m on a mission to find ‘drug store’ alternatives to designer beauty. I even have a few homemade beauty products! It’s all a bit retro glam here at Yumbeemum central; next I’ll be painting lines down the back of my calves with eyeliner and wearing victory rolls. Life’s hard on the home front!

Got a horrible dry, face and want a quick pick-me-up? Find a very ripe banana- that black manky one you’ve been kidding yourself on you’d eat is perfect- mash it up and apply to face. Leave for ten minutes and wash off. Your face will look brighter, feel softer, and the banana did not die in vain. Everyone’s happy.


Vaseline is so versatile. I like the aloe vera one. Not only is it an excellent lip Balm, you can also use it as a cuticle softener, eyebrow tamer, eyelash conditioner, clear mascara, on old, dry spots… The night before a party, smear it all over your feet and pop some cotton socks on. In the morning, you will be the proud owner of velvety feet. Also….

Make your own eyeshadow primer! I use this, and it’s excellent. Take an old, empty, lip balm pot and in it, mix together with a cocktail stick equal parts foundation, creamy concealer and Vaseline. Simply pat on a smidgeon before you do your eyeshadow and it will look brighter and more vibrant and it will stay in place longer!


This face serum is about £3.50 from Aldi and it is excellent; really smoothing and light. Salli Hughes from the guardian recommended it to my friend (not personally I don’t think) and Diane recommended it to me. All the ‘Lacura’ products at Aldi are worth a try I think as they seem good quality for the price. I will try more out-especially the makeup- and blog it up.


NYC makeup- super cheap and with the exception of the eye/brow liner, very heavily pigmented. I particularly like the eyeshadow quad, and it was only £3.49! The liner is a double tasker, being both a brow pencil and eyeliner and the tinted balm is soft, if a little too bright for my taste, but it feels so good on your lips. The polish lasts and is quick drying. Try it out!

Anyway, I’d better go and make coffee from soil or something. Look out for my full face of makeup (including tools you need!) for under £20 coming soon…


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