Some Serious Scrutiny- Max Factor Facefinity and False Lash Effect Fusion

I’ve had a few new products recently, and I’m going to write about two in particular. Sometimes when I buy a new product, I purchase impulsively (usually prompted by some kind of money off offer or a persuasive sales assistant- “I look great? Of course I’ll buy some!”) but more often I buy based on recommendation. I have also most recently started to trawl the ‘tinterwebs for some reviews. Both the products tonight are Max Factor. The make up of make up artists you say? Give me 12.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion

The ‘Fusion’ going on here is between volume and length. This mascara will be perfect for you if you like a real separated look. You don’t need to comb through afterwards; it gives a really lovely ‘perfect’ lashes look. It really does lengthen, but I am not entirely satisfied by the amount of volume it gives. Predictably, it also does not give anything like a ‘false eyelash’ effect. Despite this, I don’t really think that any mascara can stand in for the amazing glamorous look you get from a pair of well-applied eyelures. Overall, this is a good everyday mascara, and with a bit of zig-zagging and a couple of coats you can build up some decent volume, but you do need to work at it a bit. On the plus size, it is a really good lengthener and not cloggy at all, for those of you that prefer a more natural look. I just like a bit of a trashier, clumpier appearance, which I feel gives more drama. I shan’t be changing from my usual Maybeline Falsies, but I am still using this, and don’t feel it was a waste of my cash. I’m glad I tried it.


Max Factor Facefinity

You may be surprised by this, as it is well-documented how much I love Bare Essentuals. However, buffing takes time, which as a baby mama, I don’t always have if I only have ten minutes before I need to get out of the door to apply a face of make up. It takes me about ten minutes just to do my base if I use my BE. I saw this in Superdrug last week on offer with a few quid off it, so I went for it as it claims to be a long-lasting primer, concealer and foundation all in one. The consistency of this foundation is very loose and quite runny and a little goes a very, very long way. I use about three quarters of a pump for my face and and there is a little left over to use for areas that need a bit more hideage. It is very smooth and with a medium coverage, and when it is applied lightly, like a concealer on spots, dark circles and general yucky bits, it really does do the job. It gives a nice natural finish, not too matte or too dewy and leaves you with a nice glow. It is super quick to apply, and has taken residence in my make up bag with a blusher, mascara, eye liner and taupe eye shadow. I can get all this on my face within ten minutes, and I have worn make up most days this week when I haven’t had the 20 minutes or so I’ve needed when using BE. I’d recommend this if you are pushed for time and need to get your face done fast. BE will still feature in my routine when I have time to lovingly apply my make up and I believe it really is better for my skin, but Facefinity is a great multi-tasking product that saves me precious time when I need to get out fast!



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