Scraping the Barrel

As a complete beauty junkie, I have cupboards, drawers, boxes and make up bags full of half/hardly used products. So I thought it would be worthwhile to do a post about products I have liked so much, I have used them ALL up! I am ashamed to say, I regularly throw away rubbishy products, so this is a real endorsement!

The Body Shop Clementine Shower Gel: I love this stuff. It has an incredibly fruity scent, it is soap free and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It’s a fantastic alternative to those limey ‘wake-up’ shower gels that you get and puts you in the mood for your tropicana 🙂

The Juiciest shower ever!

Nivea Soft: I love this stuff. When it was originally marketed, it was described as being “like soft summer rain on your skin!” Cheesy, but this is actually what it feels like! I have tried loads of creams, but I always come back to this one as a day cream. I have loads of people say snobbily “I would never put that on my face” but I think it is gorgeous. And, it’s a total boost that it costs about a fiver for a big tub. I have used loads of big name fancy-nancy skin routines, but nothing feels nicer than this on my skin.

Pond’s Cold Cream: I know there was quite a lot of hype around this a few years ago, and it was recommended to me not long after that and I got a pot given to me. I have had about 5 pots since then. This gloopy stuff smells like something your granny would have used (it’s retro-glam!) which I love. It is also really multi-tasking. If you have a big face full of make up that your wipes just could not handle, smoosh on some of this and it will glide off a treat. After a winter walk, and you skin feels all weather-beaten, smooth some on with a cotton pad. If your skin starts to feel like a brillo pad (we’ve all been there), just put a thin layer on before bed, and you will wake up looking ten years younger! Apparently (although I can’t vouch for this) it has an accumaltive affect, so you will notice a bigger difference the more you use it. I LOVE it.

Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Body Lotion: I have had countless bottles of this, and feel a sense of inward panic if I run out of it. It was discontinued (worst discovery EVER) but then they brought it back. This has brought out the bulk-buyer in me as I am terrified it will happen again. This makes my rough and dry skin smooth and lovely and gives it that lovely healthy sheen. Do it. NOW!

One of three bottles of this I have in my house!

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray: This is a must-have if you often wear a style that you need to last. I love the smell of this and the hold is excellent. I also love that it is not an aerosol. It does give your hair a nice shine as well and doesn’t look crispy or hard. I often use it when I tong my hair and it holds in a good old back comb a treat too.

Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Intensive Facial Moisuriser:I use this as a night cream, and my skin feels all silky in the morning. I got it in a set as a present and I like all the products in the range, so worth a look.
Soap and Glory Hand Food: For those of you with very dry, irritated skin like mine, don’t be put off by the garish packaging. Soap and Glory is a fantastic brand, combining humour, gorgeous scents with products that actually work. I find this stuff really comforting and highly moisturising and softening. I’ve used this loads since I had my baby, as I always have my hands in water, washing them, and it really dried them out. I really recommend this.

OPI Nai Envy: I have really dry, brittle nails that break really really easily. It is because of this product that I have been able to grow them. This, and Shellac, are the two products I really recommend if you have problems growing your nails. I buy mine from Amazon, and it’s about £10, but truly worth it. You do have to apply ir regularly, but it works well as a basecoat too.

Poppy gazes enviously at OPI Nail Envy

Batiste Dry Shampoo: I am a firm believer in not washing your hair every day; it is not the washing, but the inevitable heat styling that does the damage! This can of wonder helps me get through to my next washing day! It also smells good too! Tropical is my personal favourite. Simply shoosh your hair upside down, spray about 5 inches away and brush through. Et Voila! Bed Head to Crowning Glory!
Hope you enjoyed! Comment below 🙂 x



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