This is EXACTLY how I felt at the beginning of Phoebe’s life.

Things I Hope You Know

Yesterday I saw a friend’s new baby. Just a few days old, all wrapped up and beautiful. Tiny and perfect.  It was so strange holding such a tiny little person again now I have big old tromping children rather than babies. Where did the time go!!!!! It took me back 6 years to our first few weeks as a family of three rather than a couple….

I had to have a C-section because William was breach, I spent 5 long days in hospital (although I got super preferential treatment because my Mum in-law was a midwife in the same unit – it’s definitely who you know 🙂 ) Those five days are a blur of vomiting and drugs and a very sore stomach, no sleep, lots of visitors and a Winnie the Pooh nightshirt. (A whole other story…. suffice it to say that husbands need more guidance than ‘Can you get me a nightshirt please honey?’)

And then we got home.


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