Products I Regret Buying…

I have purchased sooo many beauty products in my time, and so of course, every now and then you are going to have an absolute nightmare with a product which is mediocre, not as good as the one you would normally buy, or worst of all, absolutely useless. When you buy a product, you invest based on the claims made, and you can feel so let down and cheated when it doesn’t work for you!

A good idea, if this has happened to you, is it have a ‘product party’. I have never actually done this, but what you do is invite a group of friends and take along a few hardly-used products that you have not enjoyed, and you can swap them for others that your friends bring. Then add wine. This way you can try a larger range of products for far cheaper. Of course you can always do this with perfume too- let’s face it we all have a few fragrances we’re not massive fans of, perhaps ones we received as gifts. I had a perfume that smelled like cat pee on me but was lovely on a friend! I wouldn’t recommend the party for makeup though- unless you don’t mind receiving a cold or eye infection as well as a ‘new’ lipstick or eyeshadow!  I had a couple of friends that swapped shampoos and conditioners half way through the bottle- a good idea if you change your hair regime on a regular basis!

Just a quick disclaimer, that although these products didn’t work for me, they might be great for others!

I mentioned in my last post that I had a few Benefit Blunders, and here they are!!!

1. Benefit You Rebel Light

This is a much-hyped tinted moisturiser. The original You Rebel was touted as being suitable for all skin types and colours. Well it was so orange even the cast of TOWIE would have shied away from its brightness. I’d heard so much about it but the colour was so wrong for me that I never bothered until I saw they had made a lighter version, and when the wee assistant put it on me, it looked nice- dewy and smooth on my skin. So I bought it. Twenty minutes later, however, my face looked like I had rubbed it with baby oil. No joke. And I have dry skin! Not for me.

2. Benefit They’re Real mascara

What an absolute joke this mascara is. This was probably the most hyped mascara of 2011, and it is just not as good as mascaras half the price.I persevered with it, because it cost about twenty sheets, but I considered it a blessing when it went dry and flaky two weeks later. Into the bin it went. That was so worth slaving away teaching kids for. NOT.

3. Benefit Benetint and Poseytint

Probably the most famous cult product of all time, and also the worst if, like me, you have dry skin. It is a lip and cheek stain that comes in a little bottle like a nail polish. You brush it on to your lips for a light stain which lasts all day long (yes it does, but makes them dry as bone) or onto your cheeks for a light stain. This is where I have the real problem. When you apply to to your cheeks, you need to rub it in with your finger, which then become more stained than your cheeks. Or you can use a sponge, which absorbs so much product you would use up a bottle very quickly. It also does not go onto a base very well so then you would need to apply it underneath. But then it gets covered up by the base. So then you try to make the stain darker. So then you look like Aunt Sally. AAAAARRRGH!!!! There is just no winning with this product! The Poseytint is the biggest waste of time. It is invisible- and I’m milky white! Luckily I got the Posey one free with a magazine or I may have firebombed the Benefit HQ.

4. Clinique Three Step Skin Care System

I was allergic to the extra mild soap. They said it had never happened before. The toner was stingy. I don’t even see the point of toner anyway. That ‘amazing’ yellow moisturiser (dramatically different I think it is called) is so crap you might as well slap a bit of baby lotion on your face and you would have a similar effect. No joke. Save yourself £65. This is what I paid for it. I went and got my money back and it took my face two weeks to stop being sore.

5. Garnier BB Cream

Mix half your normal day moisturiser with half your normal foundation. The effect will be better, guaranteed Give the money you would have spent on it to a tramp and this will be a better investment.

6. Avon Super Extend Mascara

Just not lengthening. At all. With a completely unwieldy brush. AND it cost a tenner- please. Avon should stick to what they do best- amazing lipsticks. Do it now!

What products do you regret buying? Share your fury with us now to protect womankind from costly blunders!


One thought on “Products I Regret Buying…

  1. I did a whole series on products I regret buying…i had to split it into a far few posts because I’d regretted so many buys over the years! (the make-up edition is here if you’re interested ) I think it’s really interesting reading other people’s bad reviews of products as it’s something people don’t tend to do really. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated the Garnier BB Cream! I had some sample sachets and it was just TERRIBLE!! Great post 🙂

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