Hiya! * Grrrrrr…. * and some of my favourite make up products!

Welcome readers!

This is my first ever world wide web tuppence-worth that I shall toss into the ether (apart from facebook statuses and the occasional tweet) but I am very excited to be sharing with you some of my favourite make up products; I will also do one on hair and skincare. And quite possibly household products, and certainly baby products!

First of all, I have to make it clear that I am a bit of a technophobe (hence grrrrr… and why the picture is the wrong way around), especially considering my youthful (?) age. I’m a teacher, so in my department, I am considered to be a technological wizard because I can cut and paste. I must also add that I am typing this on a seven-year-old laptop- many things can go wrong! I’m also a new mother, and as I type this I have a teethy, cross baby yelping in the background. She’s almost in bed so now we can all breathe sigh of relief. And pour a large glass of vino. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *Slurp*.

I am an absolute make up fiend. It’s probably my favourite kind of shopping. Can’t squeeze into those jeans? That satin lipstick won’t judge you. Haven’t got those amazing shoes in your size? This shimmery eyeshadow is one size fits all! Being curvy and tall makes clothes shopping pretty miserable, but make up always cheers me up.

I love both high-end and high street products. I don’t think you need to spend a lot to look glam. At all. But I will admit there is something nice about the make up counters. I will post about this another time….


Lancome Juicy Tubes, Too Faced eyeshadows (Naked Eye), Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzing powder, Maybeline The Falsies in black drama, Benefit Smokin’ Eyes set, Bare Minerals mineral foundation, mineral veil and blusher in Ribbon.

Lancome Juicy Tubes

I absolutely love these little tubes of fruity delight. They are super sheer and amazingly long lasting. I have to say they are quite sticky, so probably not for you if you prefer a creamier lipgloss. My favourites are Strawberry Shortcake and Melon. They are so high shine and they smell and taste delicious. I also really like this kind of applicator, as it feels really casual and it is so simple to do, just like a lipbalm. If you like something softer, I really recommend Chanel lipglosses. MAC lipglass is also worth checking out, but is also quite sticky. I have tried literally hundreds of lipglosses, but these are the ones I continually come back to. I must also add I have pretty sensitive lips (and skin in general) and Juicy Tubes never irritate me.

Too Faced Eyeshadows

These are gorgeously soft, long lasting eyeshadows and this set in particular is a really goo one to go for if you want a range of barely-there shades that you can use for every occasion. They have helpfully sorted the nine eyeshadows out into three different sections- classic, fashion and evening. I like to mix them up a bit more than that (and I rarely use more that two during the day- I can use up to ten for a night time look though!). There is also a helpful set of cards showing you how to apply the shadows if you’re a beauty novice. Two Faced is a fab brand, especially if you are looking for some glam products. The lipglosses are not for me however.

Too Faced Sun Bunny

As a real palerton, I have always been quite frightened of bronzers. Literally, I never tan. This is a great bronzer, though, because it is absolutely not orange, and the shimmer is subtle and not glittery-looking. These are two features of bronzers that I absolutely despise. It’s also really ‘buildable’, which makes it a fantastic bronzer for pale skinned ladies, and is also a good transitionary product, so you don’t have to have different bronzers throughout the year. It has a dark side, and a pale side, which makes the colour easy to manage. I hate the 80s stripy look.

Maybeline The Falsies Black Drama

I am a mascara whore, but I ALWAYS come back to this one. Maybeline mascaras are really hard to beat. Once you get to grips with this mascara (you ‘spoon’ the lashes, then twist the pouffy section of the brush round as you apply, zig zagging the whole way) it will become one of your staples. This is the only mascara I have tried which gives length AND volume. Also, when the mascara is new (if ONLY we could buy mascaras ‘worn-in’- gross idea but I sooo would) it is worth trying to scrape a bit of product off as it can coat quite thickly. Definitely do not ‘pump’ the mascara (or any mascara, as this exposes the air to the product, causing it to spoil quickly). I also recommend throwing away your mascara after three months. If you use it every day it will be dry and flaky anyway. Yeugh.

Benefit Smokin’ Eyes set

I like Benefit products, but I would advise you to try them out by the all-too-willing assistants. I have made many an expensive blunder at the Benefit counter (more on this in another blog). Benefit do loads of these wee sets, and I got this as a gift from a generous pal. It has everything you need for a smoky eye, including a highlighter, mid-grey and black eyeshadows, mini black kohl, browzings in light, eye bright, and a fluffy brush and angled eyebrow brush. I have used this on and off for years! It’s amazing. The only thing I would change would be to have brow zings in medium (this stuff is a thick and greasy one stop eyebrown tidyer and definer. Cannot recommend enough.) I would also have liked a light eyeshow to apply all over the eye, but, hey, this is a smoky eye set for creating dark eyes, and wow, does it do the job! Oh, it also has a really decent sized mirror but the compact as a whole is really neat and would fit into the weeniest of handbags. I often take it on a night out (when I went on nights out!)

Bare Minerals Foundation and Mineral Veil

I love this stuff. When you first start using it you are all like, “How can a light dusting of this stuff do anything?” But seriously, it’s amazing. And, provided you keep your brushes clean, your skin will only get clearer and smoother. The secret is in the buffing and applying very little product, and swishing your brush around your face in tiny little circles, like you are polishing a delicate antique mirror. Some people ditch Mineral Veil as soon as it rund out from their starter kit, but I have kept it up. It finishes off your makeup so beautifully, and gives a lovely sheen, which I believe is really apparent in photos. Definitely go for the starter kit (around Β£45 in good dept stores) as you get all your products AND brushes in one. Go for Medium unless you are super ghosty white.

Bare Minerals Blusher in Ribbon

This is a gorgeous blusher, which leaves a beautiful sheen. and it is in the most perfect, perfect petal pink. A tiny speck of this stuff swooshed across your cheeks looks sensational, and the colour would really suit pale to olive skintones. I got this shade in a Christmas gift set, so I hope I can get it seperately when my pot runs out!

PHEW! I hope you have enjoyed this. Please comment and make any requests. I can also do tutorials if you wish! x


5 thoughts on “Hiya! * Grrrrrr…. * and some of my favourite make up products!

  1. I just had to comment on this one because I used to work for Benefit (ugh!!) and now work for Bare Minerals (Yay!) If you’re thinking of getting Browzings I would highly recommend you save some pennies and get this eyebrow kit from ELF instead http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~121.htm – used to drive me crazy that people would pay 23.50 for something you can get for 3.50!! Or the MUA one is really good apparently http://www.muastore.co.uk/index.php/brow-kit and you get more! Gotta admit that the eyeshadows in the smokey eye kit are lovely though! (Also as a side note…BM have released a pressed version of their foundation which you might find easier as a busy new mum!) Really loving your blog so far and will be following it for more great posts πŸ™‚

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